Birds on the River

On Sunday last 16th April while looking out the kitchen widow my brother in law spotted two mallards swiming by  on the nearby river.

The following day I saw two mallards again on the same river possibly the same two in the evening time.  It was fantastic to see them almost outside my window .  I have never seen them on this river up to now it was lovely to see them swiming around outside the window. Last year I got a large window inserted over looking this river consequently I can see everything and anything moving around over a wide circumferance . There is a wooded area on the far off side of the river and this area attracts its own wildlife – wood pedgeons, red squerrel, deer, goats, sheep!!. At times the place is teeming with wild life rabbits, deer, birds, otters mind you it is not all at the one time but there is a great variety of life around An Bruachan by the same token!!!